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Suspended Ceilings in Swindon

SPB Swindon can also provide your commercial or business premises with high quality installations of suspended ceilings. Our expert knowledge and experience combine with quality of service and product range to ensure the seamless installation of suspended ceilings to exact requirements.

Our suspended ceiling installation service offers a number of benefits that not only greatly improve the look and appearance of your business premises, but also offer the following benefits:

  • Noise reduction, helping to improve the office environment and achieve the correct balance of intelligibility, privacy and the concentration needed in different workspaces.
  • Thermal insulation retains heat within the office, lowering heating costs.
  • Moisture resistance, vital in areas exposed to moisture such as washrooms or warehouse roofs.
  • Fire resistance, with some ceilings providing up to a 60 minute fire barrier.
  • Light reflectance, reducing electricity costs.

SPB Swindon can install suspended ceilings in offices, shops, schools and an array of other commercial buildings in and around Swindon.

Offering a wide range of suspended ceiling choices and tile finishes to suit varying budget requirements, the most popular systems include:

  • Exposed Grid – A simple, easy to install and lightweight design. This suspended ceiling option is constructed by suspending an interconnecting grid from the building soffit with metal or mineral tiles placed into the exposed grid. This allows for full access into the ceiling. Lighting and other fittings can be fitted flush within the grid work and cables run within ceiling void.
  • MF Ceiling – A simple, clean, aesthetic suspended ceiling system that is ideally suited to boardroom or reception areas. This system is a modern version of a lath & plaster ceiling, formed by screw-fixing plasterboard to a steel framework which is suspended from the structural soffit. The plasterboard is then tape jointed and plastered flush leaving a continuous flat surface ready for decoration. Access panels can be formed to allow access to the ceiling void and fittings.

Find out which system is right for you – contact us at SPB Swindon today for further information about installing suspended ceilings.